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26 countries updated with their regions

Updated data includes:

  • regions/provinces/governorates/states are added
  • wrong places removed
  • alternates names fixed (previously some of them had wrong spelling)

List of updated countries:

Use the region filter to speed up browser response: check/uncheck needed region:

world cities database region filter

Those who purchased the map before this update and no more than 6 months before today – you can still download uploaded map, using same link from you purchase confirmation e-mail

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Antigua and Barbuda excel database – parishes are added


Fully updated Antigua and Barbuda database. We have added parishes and dependencies in Antigua and Barbuda Excel file database. Now all the locations are matched with its parishes. Check it out before getting it.

Check it out on the Antigua and Barbuda interactive map before downloading excel.

*** to avoid long calculation: select only one country/state/region at a time (where applicable)