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Ghana cities Latitude and Longitude.
Excel contains latitude and longitude coordinates, location names and short description in Excel spreadsheet, that allows you to filter, sort and maintain data easily, instead of digging piles of files. the database is constantly refreshing information so you are getting up-to-date information and is available for download after purchase. Once payment is done you will receive an e-mail with a link to download data file in Excel format. Here you can get your map of the country that can be easily visualized later in any preferable software. You will also be able convert the data of
Ghana cities Latitude and Longitude
to other formats like CSV, xml and others. So please do check options of the maps below. Please select only one, because "full" map already contains all data from "basic" one. Once you purchase the map, you will get an e-mail with the link to download the map. Please, leave your comment in the Reviews tab of the selected map, it is very important for us to understand if everything was right. If you need customized data, with selected information - do let us know, we'll try to make it. Also please check carefully the demo-maps that are displayed before purchasing.


Excel (made in v.2013)

DATA INCLUDES (full data):
geoname (location) id;
geo name of the locations in different formats: utf8, ascii, alternate names;
feature class and feature code with description:
- populated areas,
- streams, lakes,
- parks,
- roads, railroads,
- buildings, farms
- mountains, hills, rocks
- forests;
population (where applicable);
elevation of the location;

payment with credit card (via Stripe) is available on checkout page

You will receive an email with link to download the Excel file (like in the screenshot below).
  • you may need to check your spam folder
  • the email will be titled "Cities by Latitude & Longitude"
  • on the "Download" cell will be a link to download your Excel file. For some countries - there will be archive file due to big amount of data
  • you can download the file from the same link endless times for half a year (180 days)
link to download world cities
  • Those who got World cities Latitude and Longitude map they will get Excel with main information:
    - country name, cities and villages names (in international ASCII format), latitude and longitude.
    World cities Latitude and Longitude in Excel
    - they will get another file that sums up basic information of each country (currency, language, phone code, etc.)
    World cities Latitude and Longitude in Excel

  • Those who got specific country will get full information:
    - besides cities and villages, file contains other places like: lakes, rivers, some buildings, parks, other populated places.
    - some countries has additional information about region/province the location belongs (like it's done for Indonesia - see the last column in the screenshot below). Please check an interactive map of the your country to check if it has such info. If you need such column, but your needed country doesn't have such - send us a message and we will try our best to make it. World cities Latitude and Longitude in Excel
If you need a data that combines different information for particular countries - do message us and we will check what we can do.
For example, you need to add information of postal codes, or you need locations devided into provinces/regions/areas - this we can discuss and do for you.
First of all, please have stable internet connection before downloading. Some files have size over 200 MB (the bigger country and number of locations - the bigger size of the file)
If poor internet is not your case, but you still can't download - send us a message and we will find a solution (another link to download or will send the file directly to your email)
  • your link is valid for unlimited times of downloads for half a year (180 days)
  • so in case of any updates on our database within 180 days from your purchase date - you can download them using the same link absolutely for free


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